Our Purpose: to help people connect with nature, through yoga, to achieve mindfulness and life balance

....and to use our platform for positive environmental change

Our Story

We’re a London based yoga and wellness company with environmental consciousness at our core.  We care passionately about the planet and believe companies have a duty of care to limit their environmental footprint. Consideration for the environment flows through every aspect of our business and all of our products are ethically and sustainably sourced and produced.

As an accredited partner of 1% for the Planet, we pledge to give back to help the environment and our chosen cause is Sea Trees by Sustainable Surf.  In addition to this we plant trees, on land, through One Tree Planted and we sponsor environmental initiatives….but this is just the beginning of our journey!

Our Promise: To bring you the very best yoga products with sustainability at their core.

Our Goal: to be your first choice for all your eco yoga needs.

Our name

Our name is the combination of two concepts that are important to us - Qi and Eco.

> Qi is the core energy that makes up and binds together all things in the universe. It permeates and links everything together

> Eco is often an acronym for environmental sustainability but for us it is more that that. It is our ecosystem, the interactions between everything in our environment, understanding the links and respecting them, figuring out the interdependencies and caring for the them.

The logo

We believe in balance in everything. 

Often balance can be seen through the yin yang symbol, an ancient representation of harmony and balance, and interdependence between the world of nature and human events.
It inspires our logo which encompasses balance, the land, trees and the oceans.

Sustainability runs through the full lifecycle of our products and all aspects of our business.

As a proud member of 1%
for the planet,
1% of all sales go towards tackling our planets most
pressing environmental issues. See how we support sustainable-surf-SeaTrees by
Sustainable Surf